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Volunteers are the life-blood of our organization! Whether it’s sorting, pricing or working at the cash register, volunteers are vital in helping our shop make a difference in our community and around the world. We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team. Apply today!

Here are Volunteer Opportunities Available:


The main task is to ensure that merchandise in various categories are available in the correct quantities and are displayed in a way that stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase. Part to the task is to greet customers and help with locating item(s) and explaining the benefits/function of item(s) as required, and to cull (remove “expired” items from shelves / racks) merchandise.

The task is on-going throughout store operations. Training will be provided to ensure standardisation.

Visual Merchandiser

The task is to bring displays to life, make an impact on the consumer, draw shoppers into the store and set the overall mood. The task might require volunteer to re-arrange fixtures and move merchandise on the sales floor to boost sales.

This is an on-going process but busiest before events and promotions. The task could take 4 to 6 hours to complete and could stretch over several days. Volunteers with previous visual merchandising experienced is appreciated.

Merchandise Pricing

The volunteer price merchandise according to block pricing structure, using appropriate packaging and tagging. Must be able to operate the barcode price tag printer and use various tagging equipment. Training will be provided. The task might require volunteer to search the internet for information about an item to accurately determine a price.

There are various categories of merchandise – clothing, sports, kitchen and houseware, home décor, art, frames and pictures, video and music, games, toys, bags and purses, accessories, books, collectables, linen, fabric, shoes, sporting goods and others. Volunteers will be trained to handle all categories. The task requires several hours to complete.

Electronics and Electrical Checker

To test electrical and electronics donations and ensure they are in working condition. To price the item(s) appropriately and to put them out on the retail floor. The task may require checking the internet for appropriate pricing and information.

Donations Receiver & Sorter

Receive and check quality of donations, politely rejecting items that are not acceptable and thanking donor for their donations. The receiver then sorts donations into various bins according to category and ensures that the receiving bay is always kept clean and tidy. The volunteers provide accurate information about MCC and the Thrift Shop where appropriate. This task requires several hours (4-5 hours) and training is provided.

Jewelry Repairs

To clean and repair jewelry, to determine their appropriate value and recommended selling price as well. This includes watches, broaches, pins, cufflinks and other articles categorised as jewelry.

The task would require several hours both on site and off site. Experience and know-how in this category are most appreciated.

Furniture Repair

Carry out simple repairs on furniture, including cleaning, waxing, polishing, and vacuuming. Volunteer prepares the donated furniture for the sales floor and helps to boost value and sales.

Furniture Pick Up

To be part of the team that picks up furniture from donor’s house. Making decision on whether furniture item(s) are in good saleable condition and to politely and diplomatically reject if they are not. To submit completed forms as well as an updated driver’s abstract to MCC Alberta for approval and insurance purposes, before commencing to drive. Those that do not wish to drive can volunteer as crew to help lift and load furniture. The volunteer should be able and willing to lift and transport heavy and bulky furniture.

It normally would require at least 4 to 5 hours to complete the task.

ECO Station Runner

Send electronics, electrical and items that cannot be recycled to the ECO station.

This would require weekly attention and would require at least 1 hour to complete task. This also might require you to pay for items that ECO station would charge such as the disposal of air conditioning unit or mini fridge, etc.

Re-Use Runner

Send re-usable items to the Re-Use center. This would require weekly attention and would require at least 1 hour to complete task. There should not be any charges/fee incurred.

General Cleaner

Sweeping, moping and dusting of retail and back-end areas, including lunch room and toilets.

This would require weekly attention and may require 4 to 6 hours to complete the task. The task might require moving things around and the use of cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals.

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